Feeding the planet. That’s what agriculture is all about. Our job is to provide farmers all over the world with the equipment they need to get the job done as best they can.

Herde Industrier produces an impressive range of first-class farm equipment. We stake our reputation on being the farmers’ first choice.

When you choose Herde, you can be sure that the product has exceptional durability. We use more steel in our products than many other manufacturers in order to offer you the best in robust tools and equipment. We have Hardox certification and are a member of the ‘Hardox® In My Body’ family This guarantees quality at every turn.

At Herde, we offer farmers effective and user-friendly mechanical products that are easily maintained and repaired by the farmers themselves. We supply lubrication instructions and more. The big benefit is that with us, you don’t have to commit to any service or maintenance agreements.

We strongly believe that it should be possible to use add-ons to our products for multiple applications. This is why we make sure that essential add-ons can be mounted on existing equipment. This is good economics and a boost for sustainability!

Herde Industrier AS