Drinking equipment

Reime Landteknikk delivers various solutions for drinking equipment, adapted to various animals and your needs.

Various solutions for drinking equipment:

  • Drinking nipple valves in stainless steel.
    • Piglet 1/2″ thread
    • Hog 1/2″ thread
    • Sows1/2″ thread
    • Sows 3/4″ thread
  • Feeding and drinking bowl, stainless steel
  • Drink tank, stainless steel. 1/2″ connection
  • Drinking pipe, with 1/2″ BSP thread.
    • 2 nipples – for hog
    • 3 nipples – for farrowing pens
    • 4 nipples – for FS-pens
  • Aqua level, water valve

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